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Mammut Advertising Campaign

Posted on October 6, 2014

Photographer Robert Bosch was asked by Swiss mountaineering company Mammut to take spectacular images involving a team of mountain climbers ascending the Matterhorn.  The concept for this was based around celebrating the 150th anniversary since the first ascent of the Matterhorn.

Bosch has worked to capture awe inspiring images that showcase both the strengths of the Mammut’s products as well as highlight the magnificence of the Matterhorn itself. Each image itself is carefully choreographed to create the strongest contrast between the bright red of Mammut and the snowy, blasted peak, creating individual works of photographic art.

alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-2 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-15 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-7 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-13 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-3 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-11 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-5 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-10 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-12 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-6 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-9 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-14 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-8 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-1


Demand Media – Manual Creative

Posted on June 16, 2014

Manual Creative is a design and visual communication studio based in San Francisco, California. Manual were tasked by Demand Media, “a leading content and social media company that informs and entertains one of the internet’s largest audiences. The company serves as a core source for many publishers and leading sites, including their own hugely successful properties, and”, to completely re-brand them with a fresh new design that could be rolled out across their offices worldwide.

Working closely with Demand Media, Manual Creative designed a bold and playful visual identity that worked across a range of different media.

Manual created a unique visual solution that fully utilised the ‘D’ logo making the identity instantly accessible for both the internal and external audiences.

The concept driven marque worked to showcase the connectivity and action that Demand Media supplies, thus creating a tangible link to content for both people and brands. This in turn worked to create a strong value for the ‘D’ marque as it became an icon of connectivity. It also doubled up as a flexible graphical element that could be used within the brand to frame content and messaging.

As an extension of the identity, Manual worked on creating an extensive set of icons that have been used within the brand to help clearly communicate the wide ranging content categories that Demand Media covers. This particular element of the brand offers an alternative means to communicating the brands services and approach in a visual engaging manner.

Overall, the brand identity works well to communicate the core values of Demand Media through an extensive visual identity that is both colourful and playful.

Demand_Media_Sign Business_cards_Ret_crop DM_PressFolder_035_RET_crop DM_Notebook_059_RET2 Icons Icons_Gif_loop_new Demand_poster_1 DM_Poster_269_RET (1) Demand_poster_4 Demand_poster_2 DM_Poster_329_RET DM_Poster_309_RET Demand_poster_3 Tote_243 DM_adverts (2) DM_bgspreads_3

Construct London – Radiance Cleanse

Posted on June 4, 2014

This brand identity was created by London based design agency Construct for their client Radiance Cleanse. To quote the company, “Radiance Cleanse was founded in 2009 by two best friends, Christina Agnew and Clare Neill, who both believe passionately in the huge benefits of juice cleansing. Clare and Christina wanted to pioneer the UK’s first high quality, nutritional and organic juice cleanse programme, and they wanted to make it available across the mainland UK. And so Radiance was born”.

The brand concept seems to centre itself around being minimal so as to truly represent the quality of the product. Construct created a dynamic logo that is well balanced typographically. The addition of the monogram helps the easy application of the brand across products, providing a clean and consistent way to execute the identity. The brand uses bold and vibrant earthy colours to help represent the organic tone.  The use of organic items within the imagery, set against the colour complimentary backgrounds, helps to showcase the ingredients leading to clear communication of the products. Overall the brand utilises simplicity and colour well to showcase the clients range of products and clearly communicate who they are and what they do.

Radiance_logoBottle_lids01Radiance Bus Card 2LRRadiance Stationery 2Radiance WebsiteRadiance Wrapper 2LRradiance_cleanse01LRradiance_cleanse02LRradiance_cleanse03LRradiance_cleanse04LRradiance_cleanse05LRRadiance-Bottles02

Loke Brand Identity by Proud Creative

Posted on May 27, 2014

Award winning multidisciplinary design studio Proud Creative, based in London, created a fun brand identity to accompany the fashion label Loke. Loke, ‘focuses on using the finest Japanese denim and clean, contemporary design on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and shirts’. The identity, by its own definition, is ‘quirky’ following its conceptualisation around Loke the ‘mythical fire-giant / deity of mischief in Norse mythology, but remains a relatively obscure figure’.

With a strong adaptive logo design, the brand is cleanly rolled out across the varying products from labels to tee prints which are all executed to a high professional standard creating a cohesive and contemporary brand identity. The combination of uncluttered typography and illustration results in a brand identity that resonates with their audience and successfully echoes the European styling they were trying to achieve.


Lucky_Loke_Logo_Photo_06_800 Lucky_Loke_Logo_Photo_04_800 Lucky_Loke_Logo_Photo_05_800 Lucky_Loke_Logo_Photo_01_800 Lucky_Loke_Logo_Photo_11_800 Lucky_Loke_Logo_Photo_13_800 Lucky_Loke_Logo_Photo_09_800 (1) Lucky_Loke_Logo_Photo_14_800

Acapo Identity by Anti

Posted on May 12, 2014

Design studio Anti created an identity for a law firm called ‘Acapo’, “The history of Acapo dates back to 1924 when the company was founded as AS Bergen Patentkontor. Bergen Patentkontor merged with Actio-Lassen AS and became Acapo AS in 2006. Our office in Trondheim opened in 2006. In 2010 the Oslo based office ABC-Patent Siviling. Rolf Chr. B. Larsen AS merged with Acapo. Today we are therefore conformably present in the 3 major cities in Norway, and one of the leading Intellectual Property (IP) consultancy firms in Norway. Our vision is to be the preferred global IP consultant for Norwegian companies, and the preferred Norwegian IP consultant for international companies.”

The concept behind the identity itself was focused on illustrating the conceptualisation of ideas, bringing abstract ideas into reality through; formulating, realizing, protecting and selling ideas.

The identity itself is contemporary and sophisticated which sets it apart from its competitors and makes it stand out in the market place. The neutral colours work to compliment one another, with a subtle use of a copper tone to add a quality value to the identity. The simplified identity with its clean and minimal design works to create a pure brand identity that you can trust to give you a quality service.


acapo_01 acapo_02 acapo_03 acapo_04 acapo_05 acapo_06 acapo_07 acapo_icon_detail

Abarrtoes Delirio – Savvy Studio

Posted on May 6, 2014

Abarrtoes Delirio is a café/market place based in Mexico City. The identity, created by Savvy Studio, is based around a single-letter logo design and a balance between an industrial chic environment and strong uses of typography. Savvy state on their website that, “Groceries Delirio complements neighbourhood life and good nutrition through an authentic, specialized and practical proposal, which seeks to replicate a lifestyle promoted by the new street food culture and gourmet restaurant, now under a format for home pantry. The aim was to reflect the philosophy supported by practicality, cleanliness and naturalness of foods that promotes Groceries Delirio inside his identity and design in space developed by Room 116.”

The identity is clean and simple will emphasis on typographic executions of the visual language leading to clear communication throughout the café/market place environment. I particularly like the single-letter logo, it allows for the identity to be tailored to the needs of the café, combining the bold logo with hand written information for the products themselves. Overall the simply conceptualised identity is executed with an absolute eye for detail and quality, leading to a brand identity that is functional and beautiful to look at and experience.

Savvy_Delirio_1 Savvy_Delirio_2 Savvy_Delirio_3 Savvy_Delirio_4 Savvy_Delirio_5 (1) Savvy_Delirio_6 (1) Savvy_Delirio_7 (1) Savvy_Delirio_8 Savvy_Delirio_9 (1) Savvy_Delirio_11 Savvy_Delirio_12 (1) Savvy_Delirio_13 (1) Savvy_Delirio_14 (1) Savvy_Delirio_15 (1) Savvy_Delirio_16 Savvy_Delirio_17

Reading and Viewing Words – Liz Collini

Posted on May 1, 2014

I recently stumbled across a particularly interesting typographic post featured on Lost At E Minor. This particular article was focusing on the work of Liz Collini, a specialist in print making and drawing. What drew me to this work was the level of intricate detail that has been put into creating these visually stunning typographic pieces. Collini states that, “I make different forms of texts using simple but often ambiguous words and phrases, mostly through printmaking and drawing. There are gaps and overlaps between reading and viewing, text and image, the hand and the machine. I try to create breathing spaces in which we can pause and look back at language. Whole narratives can be compressed into a single word or familiar phrase. The drawings’ resemblance to plans and blueprints reflects the strange provisionality of language; the things about which we write are always elsewhere.”. This is really fascinating work and an example of true skill and dedication.


1.LizCollini_inyourowntime-650x328 6-650x476 27-650x476 32-650x476 41-650x476 116-650x476

Photography – Oleg Oprisco

Posted on April 29, 2014

Oleg Oprisco is an extremely talented photographer from Lviv, Ukraine. Using old-school film photography, Oprisco creates stunning surreal images that have an eerie fairy-tale feel about them.

Shooting with film means that Oprisco has to control everything within the frame in order to get the outcome he wishes, from the clothing and colour palette to the perfect location etc. There is a lot of time and dedication that goes in to creating these exceptionally detailed and unique images and it is time well spent.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Oprisco explained, “Before shooting, I plan the overall colour scheme. According to the chosen palette, I select clothes, props, location, etc, making sure that all of it plays within a single color range.” He stated that with regards to inspiration, “Each of my photos is a scene from real life. That is the perfect source of inspiration for me as there is so much beauty to it.”0x550 (1) 0x550 (2) 0x550 (3) 0x550 (4) 0x550 (5) 0x550 (6) 0x550 (7) 0x550 (8) 0x550 (9) 0x550 (10) 0x550 (11) 0x550 (12) 0x550 (13) 0x550 (14) 0x550 (15) 0x550 (16) 0x550 (17) 0x550 (18) 0x550 (19) 0x550 (20) 0x550 (21) 0x550 (22) 0x550 (23) 0x550 (24) 0x550 (25) 0x550 (26) 0x550

Hort – Nike ‘Empire Tested’ Campaign

Posted on April 9, 2014

Hort is a design studio based in Berlin, Germany. Hort stands for a ‘creative’ playground, which is their studio mission. They aim to make their ideas come to life through their ability to experiment and explore ideas through their ‘multi-disciplinary creative hub’.

Due to their creative philosophy the work Hort produce is always pushing the boundaries of design and culture. A favourite project of mine is the identity they built for Nike’s ‘Empire Tested’ campaign. The strong typographic elements accompanied by the clean shot imagery works to create a dynamic and engaging identity. The incorporation of bold colours within the typography and image borders really helps bring the identity to life by drawing the audience’s eye. The whole identity stands out against the day-to-day blandness of advertising. This simple identity expertly utalises the past imagery of Nike whilst seamlessly blending type and image.

nike_et_poster_01 nike_et_poster_04 nike_et_poster_05 nike_et_poster_09 nike_et_poster_10 nike_et_poster_11 nike_et_poster_12 nike_et_poster_animation nike_et_wall_02