A team of interior designers and art directors branded a new façade for a restaurant in Madrid called FOS. Taking inspiration from installation art, they used colour to trick the eye creating the illusion of a projected beam of light from a light fixture hanging above. The craft used to create this illusion is admirable and works to create a unique façade which sits perfectly along one of Madrids lovely avenues. I particularly like the attention to detail used to enhance the illusion, for example the yellow flowers and half painted chair work to enhance the break of the beam and concrete wall. Such a simple idea executed perfectly, this is what I love about good design.

Beam-of-Light-Installation-fos-2-600x424 Beam-of-Light-Installation-fos-3-600x424 Beam-of-Light-Installation-fos-4-600x424 Beam-of-Light-Installation-fos-5-600x899 Beam-of-Light-Installation-fos-7-600x424 Beam-of-Light-Installation-fos-8-600x424 Beam-of-Light-Installation-fos-11-600x424 Beam-of-Light-Installation-fos-12-600x424 Beam-of-Light-Installation-fos-14-600x450