Some really lovely simple graphic posters created by British designed Becky Kemp. This series contains a set of four posters that has its own soft colour palette and bold graphic design giving each one a unique feel. I particularly like the use of the soft colour palette to contrast against the texture, its such a simple thing to do but difficult to execute well which I feel Becky has really nailed. The-Kid-Who-Graphic-Textures-Posters-5-No4PosterSketchInc-600x849 The-Kid-Who-Graphic-Textures-Posters-4-No3PosterSketchInc-600x600 The-Kid-Who-Graphic-Textures-Posters-3-No2PosterSketchInc-600x738 The-Kid-Who-Graphic-Textures-Posters-2-No1Poster-600x849