I am in the process of creating some self promotion mail outs that I can send to prospective clients. This is something that is always difficult and time consuming, because it needs to be simple enough to be produced in house but interesting enough that when it falls through someone’s door they will want to pick it up. Whilst research I came across a post for a wedding announcement. What I particularly like about this piece is the fact that it is so compact and there are a variety of things wrapped up into one. It also allows some flexibility when it comes to content and design.

CarliWouter_Engagement_00 CarliWouter_Engagement_01 CarliWouter_Engagement_02 CarliWouter_Engagement_03 CarliWouter_Engagement_04 CarliWouter_Engagement_05 CarliWouter_Engagement_06 CarliWouter_Engagement_07 CarliWouter_Engagement_08 CarliWouter_Engagement_09