It is always very difficult, I think, as a designer to come up with an original wedding invitation design that isn’t over complicated and tacky. I stumbled across a blog which was showcasing a lovely piece of print and design that happened to be a wedding invite. I think that the designer, Graham Bradley, has done a good job selecting a restricted colour palette that helps set the mood for a sophisticated summer event, and keeping the materials simple and typography clean and uncluttered helps to create a stylish invite.


jeff_and_jessica_wedding_invitations_07 jeff_and_jessica_wedding_invitations_06 jeff_and_jessica_wedding_invitations_05 jeff_and_jessica_wedding_invitations_04 jeff_and_jessica_wedding_invitations_03 jeff_and_jessica_wedding_invitations_02 jeff_and_jessica_wedding_invitations_01 jeff_and_jessica_wedding_invitations_00