A New York based photographer Kim Kever has been manipulating a mix of water and brightly coloured paint pigments. The result has been to create a series of vibrant, texturally and dynamic images. I am particularly drawn to these images due to their depth and the wealth of colour brought out through the different lighting used. a9655-abstract-926550-panorama-studio-view k2-abstract-98c-32x40-2013 k2-abstract-781-34x45-2013 k2-abstract-622b-36x32-2013 k2-abstract-220-23x35-2013 k2-abstract-1477b-28x30-46x43-2013 red k2-abstract-1769-32x27-2013 k2-abstract-861-30x29-20131 k2-abstract-722-28x40-2013 k2-abstract-1080b-33x40-2013 k2-abstract-1931b-30x25-2013