I saw this interesting paper block concept on design milk the other day. Design wise I think it is a really lovely piece of crafted print. I also really like the simplicity of the design and how it doubled up as a magazine insert that allows anybody to interact with and create three dimensional objects. paper-brick-blocks-nendo-Pen-Magazine-13-600x400 paper-brick-blocks-nendo-Pen-Magazine-9-600x400 paper-brick-blocks-nendo-Pen-Magazine-7-600x400 paper-brick-blocks-nendo-Pen-Magazine-6-600x400 paper-brick-blocks-nendo-Pen-Magazine-5-600x400 paper-brick-blocks-nendo-Pen-Magazine-4-600x400 paper-brick-blocks-nendo-Pen-Magazine-3-600x400 paper-brick-blocks-nendo-Pen-Magazine-2-600x400