Direct is a Spanish auto insurance company and in December they introduced a new identity created by Interbrand. The new identity was focused around the positioning ‘if you can’t understand it then its not direct’.

Following the positioning you can easily see the link between the concept and execution of the logo, inviting people to continue writing and (although I think unintentionally by the designers) showcase a visual link between consumer and company. The logo is well crafted in its simplicity and allows for flexibility within the identity itself. The accompanying set of visual language is well balanced between thick lines illustration and bulky font. This whole identity is a definite improvement from the bland Helvetica typeset logo.


direct_seguros_poster_sample_big direct_seguros_illustration_style_sample direct_seguros_illustration_style direct_seguros_icons direct_seguros_materials_screengrab direct_seguros_business_cards direct_seguros_logo_subbrand direct_seguros_logo_grid direct_seguros_logo_detail