I got the opportunity last week to go check out the Paul Smith Exhibition called ‘Hello My Name Is Paul Smith’ at the Design Museum. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised. As exhibitions go it is the most interesting and tactile exhibition I have been to in a while. You are easily drawn in from the get go and start to enjoy the ‘experience’ of the exhibition almost immediately.

One of my favourite parts of the exhibition was a small square room littered with televisions showing abstract images of Pauls’ garments and inspiration. Whilst gazing at the images, Paul Smith himself is narrating how he finds inspiration in day-to-day life. I think I particularly liked this part due to the fact you got a genuine insight into leading designers’ thoughts on how to keep inspired and keep looking for the new thing. As a young freelance designer I found this particularly helpful and inspiring.

Another favourite part was the stripped Mini…

I would highly recommend a trip down to the Design Museum to go check this out, especially if you’re looking for a different way to look at the world and get inspired.

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