Abarrtoes Delirio is a café/market place based in Mexico City. The identity, created by Savvy Studio, is based around a single-letter logo design and a balance between an industrial chic environment and strong uses of typography. Savvy state on their website that, “Groceries Delirio complements neighbourhood life and good nutrition through an authentic, specialized and practical proposal, which seeks to replicate a lifestyle promoted by the new street food culture and gourmet restaurant, now under a format for home pantry. The aim was to reflect the philosophy supported by practicality, cleanliness and naturalness of foods that promotes Groceries Delirio inside his identity and design in space developed by Room 116.”

The identity is clean and simple will emphasis on typographic executions of the visual language leading to clear communication throughout the café/market place environment. I particularly like the single-letter logo, it allows for the identity to be tailored to the needs of the café, combining the bold logo with hand written information for the products themselves. Overall the simply conceptualised identity is executed with an absolute eye for detail and quality, leading to a brand identity that is functional and beautiful to look at and experience.

Savvy_Delirio_1 Savvy_Delirio_2 Savvy_Delirio_3 Savvy_Delirio_4 Savvy_Delirio_5 (1) Savvy_Delirio_6 (1) Savvy_Delirio_7 (1) Savvy_Delirio_8 Savvy_Delirio_9 (1) Savvy_Delirio_11 Savvy_Delirio_12 (1) Savvy_Delirio_13 (1) Savvy_Delirio_14 (1) Savvy_Delirio_15 (1) Savvy_Delirio_16 Savvy_Delirio_17