Design studio Anti created an identity for a law firm called ‘Acapo’, “The history of Acapo dates back to 1924 when the company was founded as AS Bergen Patentkontor. Bergen Patentkontor merged with Actio-Lassen AS and became Acapo AS in 2006. Our office in Trondheim opened in 2006. In 2010 the Oslo based office ABC-Patent Siviling. Rolf Chr. B. Larsen AS merged with Acapo. Today we are therefore conformably present in the 3 major cities in Norway, and one of the leading Intellectual Property (IP) consultancy firms in Norway. Our vision is to be the preferred global IP consultant for Norwegian companies, and the preferred Norwegian IP consultant for international companies.”

The concept behind the identity itself was focused on illustrating the conceptualisation of ideas, bringing abstract ideas into reality through; formulating, realizing, protecting and selling ideas.

The identity itself is contemporary and sophisticated which sets it apart from its competitors and makes it stand out in the market place. The neutral colours work to compliment one another, with a subtle use of a copper tone to add a quality value to the identity. The simplified identity with its clean and minimal design works to create a pure brand identity that you can trust to give you a quality service.


acapo_01 acapo_02 acapo_03 acapo_04 acapo_05 acapo_06 acapo_07 acapo_icon_detail