Award winning multidisciplinary design studio Proud Creative, based in London, created a fun brand identity to accompany the fashion label Loke. Loke, ‘focuses on using the finest Japanese denim and clean, contemporary design on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and shirts’. The identity, by its own definition, is ‘quirky’ following its conceptualisation around Loke the ‘mythical fire-giant / deity of mischief in Norse mythology, but remains a relatively obscure figure’.

With a strong adaptive logo design, the brand is cleanly rolled out across the varying products from labels to tee prints which are all executed to a high professional standard creating a cohesive and contemporary brand identity. The combination of uncluttered typography and illustration results in a brand identity that resonates with their audience and successfully echoes the European styling they were trying to achieve.


Lucky_Loke_Logo_Photo_06_800 Lucky_Loke_Logo_Photo_04_800 Lucky_Loke_Logo_Photo_05_800 Lucky_Loke_Logo_Photo_01_800 Lucky_Loke_Logo_Photo_11_800 Lucky_Loke_Logo_Photo_13_800 Lucky_Loke_Logo_Photo_09_800 (1) Lucky_Loke_Logo_Photo_14_800