This brand identity was created by London based design agency Construct for their client Radiance Cleanse. To quote the company, “Radiance Cleanse was founded in 2009 by two best friends, Christina Agnew and Clare Neill, who both believe passionately in the huge benefits of juice cleansing. Clare and Christina wanted to pioneer the UK’s first high quality, nutritional and organic juice cleanse programme, and they wanted to make it available across the mainland UK. And so Radiance was born”.

The brand concept seems to centre itself around being minimal so as to truly represent the quality of the product. Construct created a dynamic logo that is well balanced typographically. The addition of the monogram helps the easy application of the brand across products, providing a clean and consistent way to execute the identity. The brand uses bold and vibrant earthy colours to help represent the organic tone.  The use of organic items within the imagery, set against the colour complimentary backgrounds, helps to showcase the ingredients leading to clear communication of the products. Overall the brand utilises simplicity and colour well to showcase the clients range of products and clearly communicate who they are and what they do.

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