Manual Creative is a design and visual communication studio based in San Francisco, California. Manual were tasked by Demand Media, “a leading content and social media company that informs and entertains one of the internet’s largest audiences. The company serves as a core source for many publishers and leading sites, including their own hugely successful properties, and”, to completely re-brand them with a fresh new design that could be rolled out across their offices worldwide.

Working closely with Demand Media, Manual Creative designed a bold and playful visual identity that worked across a range of different media.

Manual created a unique visual solution that fully utilised the ‘D’ logo making the identity instantly accessible for both the internal and external audiences.

The concept driven marque worked to showcase the connectivity and action that Demand Media supplies, thus creating a tangible link to content for both people and brands. This in turn worked to create a strong value for the ‘D’ marque as it became an icon of connectivity. It also doubled up as a flexible graphical element that could be used within the brand to frame content and messaging.

As an extension of the identity, Manual worked on creating an extensive set of icons that have been used within the brand to help clearly communicate the wide ranging content categories that Demand Media covers. This particular element of the brand offers an alternative means to communicating the brands services and approach in a visual engaging manner.

Overall, the brand identity works well to communicate the core values of Demand Media through an extensive visual identity that is both colourful and playful.

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